RSS and the CBC

Over the past few weeks I have really been on a RSS kick. RSS is great!! It allows you to automatically receive live updates of news sites, blogs, etc… so when I went to make all my Live Bookmarks (in FireFox), adding the CBC was a must (being the Canadian public broadcaster and all)… but then something disappointing happened… i realized the CBC has no official RSS feed…. I found this quite odd, the BBC, NY Times, Reuters.. etc all have RSS feeds, so guess what… I emailed the CBC.. and this is what they said:

Dear Joe,

Thank you for your email requesting use a RSS feed for headlines.

At this time uses the Klip format, which is a way to allow users to receive headlines at no direct cost to the user. However we are looking at implementing an RSS feed in the near future.

We will certainly send your comments on to the Director of New Media and record them on our Audience Reaction Report, which is circulated throughout our New Media Department, and amongst our senior producers and
programmers within the CBC including the President and CEO, Robert Rabinovitch.

We appreciate your taking the time to contact us.

Parker Bishop
Communications Assistant
CBC Audience Relations

It was a pretty generic response, but I was glad to get a reply, and I hope the CBC implements RSS feeds soon.

UPDATE: 2004.12.12: CBC has RSS now

‘real’ dreams

Damn, it’s morning already, and I just started to have some good dreams. My curiosity of where these dreams are heading begin to battle with my body, which is saying ‘get the fuck up, you lazy ass’. Of course the harsh reality is that these dreams never start until about 11AM (local time). You know these dreams will continue to be good, so you give it all, to try to stay asleep. You pretend to enjoy the sun shining in your eyes, the roofers banging, and of course the phone ringing. Your imagination starts to take over the subconscious dream creation process, and you start to conceive a fantasy world. Then it kicks in, you realize that you are no longer dreaming anymore, and you wake up and go ‘damn’….

So you then, ponder your dream, and you try to determine if you can make it real… you then come to the realization that you can’t and you adopt the attitude of “it was only a dream”… you brush it off like it cannot become real, simply because it was once not real… Dreams just like everything else, start as not being ‘real’… you cannot perceive them directly through your senses – they start in your mind. Creativity, ambition, happiness, love, etc… all begin in the mind. Well actually they are always in the mind, they only become ‘real’ when you act on them via some surrogate object or event. This is the only way people can experience these with their senses. Dreams are the same way, you can’t make a dream ‘real’ but you have the power to create situations where you can experience the feelings felt during the dream. You know you have the ability to do this because “it once was a dream”.

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