a contingent state

At least one interview remains: career prospects are unclear.
The doors have been left open: alternatives will appear.
My consciousness is aware: yet thoughts scattered here and there.
The seeds have now been planted: and we will see what will grow.
Events are in a contingent state: simply waiting to unfold.


That is a pretty stellar poem man. I’ll notify Kerouac that he should pack his bags…

2004.09.29 10:59 am

Very good !- I can see that you are an optimist. Too many poets out there that are cynics.

2004.09.30 10:33 pm

well… i think i like the poem… it’s pretty good… there are a few things i don’t like.. but i won’t say them.. just so all of you can continue to enjoy it’s perfection.

2004.10.01 7:18 pm

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