revealing the gem

So, I am sitting here thinking about standardized tests, mainly because I am writing one tomorrow, but also because my scores are not increasing the more I practice. This leads me to believe that I have missed something in the process of studying. My technique is not improving and no matter what module, from any year, that I do, I get the same mark on average. So, since the test is tomorrow, I am going to take it easy. I am going to eat well, rest up and stay stress free. This will be the only way I can maximize my score on this test. It is too late to learn new techniques. However, I am planning on going over my completed prep tests and examine why I answered certain questions wrong. I think this will help, since it will sharpen my ability to filter out some of the wrong answers and I guess that’s what it is all about, eliminating the junk to reveal the gem (aka the credited response).


Good plan Joe…Good Luck tomorrow!!

2004.10.01 6:03 pm

i always have good plans!!! damn i’m good…
btw thanks muchly!!!

2004.10.01 7:09 pm

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