Well that was fun… it was exactly how I imagined. My score.. is probably just below the practice scores but who cares. This small goal is over. Now that direction of my life is out of my control. I am just glad this test is over, when I left the exam, it was like, ‘leaving Western for good’ It was like the book has now officially been closed. This is GOOD, now onward!! So, I am going to have some beers, clean this fucken mess up, get ready for my last day of work tomorrow, and start getting excited about the next step.


hey joey, i know you wanted me to be a part of your BLOG and I am really glad you informed me of what a BLOG is. I’m really happy that you are trying really hard to move on to the next step in your life. And I really think the out west thing will benefit you greatly if you do happen to go. Either way, you always seem so bored, like you know you could be doing better, so I hope your next step is more fulfilling and brings you much happiness! And I also hope you dont forget about me when you are wherever you choose to locate yourself.

2004.10.03 1:19 am

Thanks for your support and encouragement – I truly appreciate it!
And don’t worry about losing contact, that won’t happen, kuz they have the internet everywhere!!

Peace out girl.

2004.10.04 11:55 am

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