mood swings: resolved

So umm, I am having some massive mood swings today, not really sure what is causing them. I think it’s just because I am bored, restless, anxious, and, every other adjective you can think of, that is resulting in outbreaks of happiness, anger, disappointment, and excitement. I am jumping from extreme-to-extreme within a matter of seconds, even right now, writing this, I have experienced all these feelings. I wonder what I can do to centre myself, and bring myself back to a stable state… I do need to go grocery shopping, but I don’t really feel like it though, which is strange since it is normally an activity that I immensely enjoy. There is just something about pushing a cart around at extremely high speeds, maneuvering it through dense, slow-paced traffic that excites me. If that game show ‘supermarket sweep’ were still around, it would be great; I’d go on and win for sure! Anyway, I think I am almost ready to go shopping. Writing this blog by attempting to create coherent statements has really permitted my brain to restore its “stable” state. Peace out for now.

loss for words

I am at loss for words to share, even descriptions of daily events seem difficult to recite, but I do know something; I am ready. I am ready to make the jump… shit, I’d do it right now… cut loose, and enjoy the voyage into the unknown. But now it is time to finish tying up loose ends, establish some kind of floating foundation, and then make the leap into my future.

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