mood swings: resolved

So umm, I am having some massive mood swings today, not really sure what is causing them. I think it’s just because I am bored, restless, anxious, and, every other adjective you can think of, that is resulting in outbreaks of happiness, anger, disappointment, and excitement. I am jumping from extreme-to-extreme within a matter of seconds, even right now, writing this, I have experienced all these feelings. I wonder what I can do to centre myself, and bring myself back to a stable state… I do need to go grocery shopping, but I don’t really feel like it though, which is strange since it is normally an activity that I immensely enjoy. There is just something about pushing a cart around at extremely high speeds, maneuvering it through dense, slow-paced traffic that excites me. If that game show ‘supermarket sweep’ were still around, it would be great; I’d go on and win for sure! Anyway, I think I am almost ready to go shopping. Writing this blog by attempting to create coherent statements has really permitted my brain to restore its “stable” state. Peace out for now.

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