baby-cut carrots

Baby-cut carrots are not a very good substitute for beer. Sure, they share numerous attributes such as being cold, refreshing, and containing no preservatives… but there is just something about baby-cut carrots that is clearly not as fulfilling as beer. Let’s assume for a minute, that the missing element is NOT alcohol. What could be? Maybe it’s the fact that you ‘drink’ a beer. Drinking is easier than eating, since there’s no chewing. Swallowing a beer is also easier than ingesting a puree of chunky carrot pieces. But then again, maybe it is the packaging? Beer comes in a bottle, can or glass that makes it enjoyable. Baby-cut carrots just come in a bag. This bag of mine, in particular, came with a defective ‘ziplock’ that needed to be ripped off so I could gain access to my little vegetables. I usually don’t put the baby-cut carrots into a bowl or anything, since I like to minimize my dish usage, but I do like eating them out of a glass. So yeah, packaging must make a difference. But, I don’t think that’s fully it either. It must be the fact baby-cut carrots are really only good since they are crunchy and juicy. And beer is good for so many more reasons, like its flavour, tradition, and effects. So I guess to be a good substitute for something, the best attributes of both things must match; and, clearly in this case, baby-cut carrots by simply being cold, refreshing and containing no preservatives, does not supply me with enough satisfaction to be a valid substitute.


What an in-depth comparison between baby-cut carrots and beer! You’ve done a very thorough analysis, and I now know they are not the same thing, thanks to you! Thanks for the excellent post, Joe!

Keep warm, stay cool.

2016.02.03 7:25 pm

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