a great appreciation

Man, I getting so pumped right now. Mainly since my old boss is amazing. Anyone willing to put a sincere effort to help others deserves great appreciation. It seems that she is the only person in my life that has actually put effort into helping me – and for this I thank her. Thanks Diane!

My voyage into the unknown is happening Monday, and I am ready. Full effort will go in to succeed and because of this I will. But hey, even if I don’t, I won’t be that hurt because you can’t succeed if you don’t try. I am getting an amazing deal on my flight, because of a good friend of mine (this friend even pays for this site, thanks Ryan!! You’re the best). I have somewhere to go, someone picking me up, and someone to help me get established (Thanks Dre!) I also need to thank my sister and mom for driving me to the airport, my dad for letting me use his suitcase, and everyone else for giving me the confidence and encouragement to expand my wings and get the fuck out of my bedroom. You all know who you are. Thanks!

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