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It is too bad Kerry didn’t win the American election. I think a Kerry win would have been good to help re-establish the respect and the image of America around the world. Over the past few years, people have blamed Bush; but now the American people have spoken, and the majority of Americans feel the same way as Bush. This means, the other 49% of people, who are against Bush and his policies, will have to take the focus off of combating Bush himself, and focus on resolving the actual issues at hand. The American people have spoken! The amusing part is, the results are pretty much aligned with the results of the 2000 election. Meaning, all the ads and campaigning was pointless and futile. Anyway, and with these e-voting machines; am I the only person in the world who has the solution??!??!?! Push the button for you want to vote for. The machine records this in the database (just as it does now), and here’s the kicker… next the machine PRINTS a receipt that tell you who you voted for, and then you put this piece of paper into a box!!!! This would allow the system to be quick and not require a manual count of ballots, but if needed, it would allow for an independent recount!!! geeze people!!! Well there is no more need to talk about this American bullshit here anymore, check out CNN or Fox (for the 51%) or commondreams or znet (for the 49%) ! Peace.

most e-voting booths do print receipts, except in florida, where it was run by a company that makes huge donations to the gop and where the exit polls didnt match the vote. hmmmm. a start would be non-corporate owned voting agencies. but you got the programming skills and no real party affiliation, you can solve the problem!

2004.11.09 6:10 am

guy.. i don’t really have the skills.. but well maybe i do… hmm….

2004.11.09 11:54 pm

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