if i could

well things seem to be falling into place, everything is working out, just as i anticipated…. i’ve got a job; one to start off with, at least one interview coming up this week, and i am comfortable in this city. the only problem is that i miss my buddy; she’s my buddy. i am just in the mood to chill with her right now, and i can’t… i can’t laugh and enjoy her company or even be annoyed with her… it’s just can’t happen right now… this is tuff… it sucks… i liked having her there…. she was awesome that way… and in many ways… fuck.. i can’t blog this.. i am getting to get too emotional.. especially with the music i have on right now… (mineral – if i could)…

Hot Mama

If I was there right now I would cook you dinner and put on some up beat music!
Luv your buudy

2004.11.14 5:15 pm

whats the job? damn your dis-information 🙂

2004.11.14 6:41 pm

thanks “buddy”, dinner would be good right now!!

and andrew, the job is at futureshop, selling.. fun fun… (please notice the sarcasm) but it looks like there is a postion at UBC that is opening up… ITRC style.. and yeah.. I had a phone interview at a support position… and will most likely have an in-person interview this week. damn this city is alive… it’s just weird that it rains all the time… l8r dude…

2004.11.14 6:50 pm

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