so far vancouver has been really awesome, the weather has been good (i must of brought the sunshine with me). it is always damp and wet, but oddly enough i think my lungs have learned to like it (opposed to when i was young and ended up in the hospital every spring). this week has been really easy, mainly because of the friends i have from back home. but even when they are gone home, i think it will still be pretty easy… i’ll get a job, goto work, go out the odd nite and yeah do what everyone does. when i think about going home, i think of the good times, and the comfort i have there… i know how to talk to people there, i know it inside and out… but then i think ‘wait, it will be the same old thing if i go back’… (i know i have only been here for four days, but i am thinking long term so i am considering all my options)… vancouver will teach me a lot and i will grow as a person and this is what it is all about: progress.

i applied for a bunch of jobs today, ranging from shitie mall jobs to good full-time positions… i will be doing a lot of that, until i score something. there is no way i can survive without income. and fucken employment insurance is ass, its been over 11 weeks since i have applied and nothing… they owe me some damn money… but it’s not just the money that i need from work, its the exposure gained… now the mall is not the answer, something with a latter to climb would be nice, something to work towards… but i guess that is still all ahead… fuck it’s been 4 days, since i took the plunge, no need to be concerned yet, this is still a holiday…

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