well.. i am in vancouver bc now… and i have almost spent a whole day here.. and so far… it seem really kool… having high speed internet is awesome!!! as well as wireless!! there is a lot of hills in this damn city… but it seems to really add to its character… took the bus down 4th today.. through the kits area.. and i love it… me and dre need to find a place down there… it would be awesome.. it is kool here too… in west point grey… but its not quite as kool as kits… i meet salpy down at robson and granville… and walked around downtown a alot.. even went to e hastings… and saw a billion bums… and china town… and yeah.. last nite went to granville island… and it seems kool.. its was pretty dead last nite.. but that will be another trip to do during the day… i think for a few days.. i will keep touristing around.. especially while salpy and mark are down… and then after that.. i will focus on the job hunt.. and start the apartment hunt… good times… peace all…

ps… sorry for saying kool so many times!

itrc reunion, no way! well me and my roomate jeff do have a vague plan of driving across canada when i get back to visit people in vancouver, so if youre still there we can have that beer. what spurred the move? all the random musings about needing change? whats your plan? once again, your blog is very uninfomative, haha. you picked a good place at least, when people ask me about coming to canada i always tell them to go to the west coast, even though ive only been there for one day… anywho, later man. good luck.

2004.11.10 6:24 am


well yes, i needed a change, and i figured i might as well make it a big change, but without too much complication (so i kept it in canada)… and everyone i have ever talked to loves vancouver, so i said what the hell!! dre just moved out there, which means i have a temp place to stay (and me and dre and get a bigger place together) and yeah… my blog is pretty uninformative, espically if its your only means of communication with me, but hey… it’s meant to be abstract and all over the place…

peace man.. and thanks!!

2004.11.10 11:45 am

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