must start

must start packing… i am so lazy right now, i don’t want to move… must start packing… but here’s the problem… i need to pack my speakers, but i need to listen to music while i pack… so i dunno what to do!! i guess i could hook up my ghetto speakers.. yeah… good idea!! damn i am smrt…. ok… gotta choke down this coffee… get me some energy… and pack… l8r all…

wait, what? youre moving? youre blog is very ambiguous, im confused. you goin out west? too bad we couldnt have one last jug at the grad club, some day though…

2004.11.09 6:12 am


yeah buddy! seeya in vancity.. itrc reunion.. really looking forward to it.

2004.11.09 7:34 pm

that last one was me.

2004.11.09 7:34 pm

yes yes.. I am in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia!! andrew, no worries, we’ll drink some beers sometime in the future, yer buying tho 😛 and mark.. cya thursday!! peace all…


ohh yeah.. btw after almost considering not packing the speakers… i ended up packing the speakers.. carried the sub in a carry on… the thing got fucken heavy during my 4 hour layover in dallas… but who cares.. its was worth it… i’ve got some good sounding music here!! yey!!

2004.11.09 11:37 pm

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