thanks mister coffee shop man

so this morning, i was kinda hung over from my fun filled night at the casino. i did win a bit… i walked out with 50 bucks more than i had going in.. and so i must of won about a hundred bucks.. kuz i had purchased a few fine imported beverages from mexico during my visit at the casino… anyways, this morning, i made it down to my coffee shop… the one i have been going to every morning… its a great place… two guys own it and run it… i don’t know their names.. but they are really kind and good people… so this morning i was their first customer (at 8:30 – they open at 9:00)… and i talked to the one guy for a good 20 minutes… he was able to read right through me and he was able to judge my character and personality… this was a kool experience.. the guy doesn’t even know me, and he was so helpful in opening my eyes… he made sense of all my problems and he gave some good advice… he said.. you have to like your work.. he said i don’t belong at futureshop.. he said.. the training and the companies goals don’t fit me… he said i should be teaching… helping… sharing…
this was all very kool… i just wanted a coffee.. and this guy was so friendly and stuff… it made me feel bad for getting a place so far away from this one… these guys are exactly what i want in a coffee shop… and now… more change… ohh well… let’s just hope i have a kool coffee shop by my new place… other than that big ugly McDonalds and Starbucks…

Wing Dreamer

..angels wear many disguises..and know everything without you telling them much.

…devils wear disguises too ..but ask you everything without telling you much.

2004.11.29 5:08 pm

your comment is true.. and oddly enough makes complete sense to me.

2004.11.30 10:20 pm


Have you ever gone back to see the Mr. Coffee Shop Man?

2007.09.05 1:57 pm

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