it’s win win!!

So I got the job at the University of British Columbia (UBC)!! I will be working the the Office of Learning Technology (OLT) and my title is something along the lines of ‘WebCT Training & Support Liaison’… It looks like this job will be good for me, by expanding on my experience, by challenging me, by rewarding me and of course by further developing my name in the world of academia. I am quite excited, and a little nervous, but I will be fine, once I get my familiar with everything, get my grove back and when everyone (including myself) realizes that I do know what I am doing/talking about. I will have a lot of learning to do, which will be awesome.. I get to expand my brain again and help others in the process… It’s win win!!

Now I just have to call FSlounge and tell them I am never coming back as well as call Tina (who wanted to have an interview with me this Thursday at some small internet marketing firm), that I may be in touch sometime in the future. But for now that’s all folks – I guess skill, knowledge, experience, dedication, networking and of course the support of others seems to eventually pay off. Next event: Moving Day!


WOOHOO!!! Good for you….thats all I have to say. So when’s the next plane?

2004.11.30 5:12 pm

Wing Dreamer

CONGRATS I knew you would do it!!

2004.11.30 6:39 pm

Thanks Sandie!! Start looking for a job out here… you have a lot of experience in the internet field and so you should be able to find something out here…. My job is currently until the end of March (pending funding for me in the next fiscal year), but yeah… there seems to be a lot of opportunity out here, or maybe it is just the change that has given me a kick in the ass to get out and get started…

peace for now… and i’ll let you know when i find out about my holiday’s…

2004.11.30 6:38 pm

nice work buddy, keep up the “skill, knowledge, and experience”, haha

2004.12.01 3:04 pm

thanks mom and andrew… and yeah baby.. its all about the skill, knowledge, experience and dedication!!!


2004.12.01 3:46 pm

Wing Dreamer

This is from Uncle Brian
“Great News!!!!……his persistence paid off…..that is absolutely wonderful……”

2004.12.01 5:40 pm


Excellent Joe! Things are definitely lookin up!!
Good luck with the new job 🙂

2004.12.02 6:28 pm

jen thanks… and btw.. i couldn’t of done it without all those flag and SS games… we’ll always be bums together!!! hope things are going well with your job too!!

talk to you soon… peace, velkr0

2004.12.02 6:43 pm

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