fogged-over windows

we all sit there, in a silent state, reflecting on the events of our day, we may even be thinking of future plans.. or we may even be sleeping… our heads are bopping up and down and back and forth.. people are watching us… well i am watching you… i am amazed at how you can rest so easily during this time of transit… how the abrupt stops and the countless strangers around you don’t bother you… the bus provides provides you with a safety net of some sort… it feels like you are in a bubble.. a protective shield that is your daily routine… your headphones are on.. and your discman in hand… you are so cute and remind me of something i once had… eyecontact is not even made… a total state of uncertanity is us… a mystery… and then wait.. it’s my stop.. kool.. this bus is quick…

creative writting with a side of friends

well.. i am in bc.. and since i have been here i have not done any creative writing.. my blog has consisted nothing more than my daily activities and a synopsis of my progress… but now that i have a place, a fixed address, a stable job, a bus pass and a starbucks card.. i am ready to write again…. all i need is furniture and a bit more heat in this motherfucker and i will be set.. ohh yeah.. i also need some friends.. it would be kool to know and hang with some kool people…

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