creative writting with a side of friends

well.. i am in bc.. and since i have been here i have not done any creative writing.. my blog has consisted nothing more than my daily activities and a synopsis of my progress… but now that i have a place, a fixed address, a stable job, a bus pass and a starbucks card.. i am ready to write again…. all i need is furniture and a bit more heat in this motherfucker and i will be set.. ohh yeah.. i also need some friends.. it would be kool to know and hang with some kool people…

..start implemeting those stay warm tips before you get frostbite on your nose.
..thanks for the “contract” explanation for some reason I can’t comment on my own blog.
..–my entire blog has expired – it means I can’t get into the blog- doesn’t recognize my username etc?help

2004.12.04 5:09 pm

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