sunday: i before e except in weird.

so today, i enjoyed the whole day walking around… first i walked from one side of kits beach (right by the pool) all around to the other side… it was kool… being on the beach… people playing with their dogs… while watching people sail, kayak, and then looking up and seeing snow on the mountains… i eventually made it all-around to granville island.. and then up to chapters on broadway… then back down.. and home… i walked from about 2 to 6… so a good four hours… i am glad i got out today.. since it was a beautiful day… not one second of rain!! now i am home… got me a bottle of wine, and a space heater… so i am set to watch a movie or doing some reading on the net… i wasn’t able to find a book at chapters that jumped out at me… i need to find some good reading material.. to read on the bus.. and in my down time… not too political and deep but kinda medium-weight non-fiction… maybe even fiction would be good… but i’d rather read something.. that i can apply to something in my life.. either my career or my ability to have deep conversations at a local coffee shop… or just something that interests me… i need to grab a library card this week… ahh the perks of working on campus… since i don’t really believe in buying books… i don’t need to own the actual paper… i am just fine with the content.. this must be tied to my connection with the www and the fact that information wants to be free!!

Wing Dreamer

..too much mental stimulation requires balance – a passive outlet
..too much passivity requires balance – mental stimulation…

2004.12.08 9:36 pm

Wing Dreamer

oops that comment was for Dec 7th entry about the TV.

2004.12.08 9:38 pm

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