brief tv thoughts

i don’t know if i am becoming smarter or dumber without a television. at times like right now.. i just want to lay down and watch tv… just lay there and take what is given to me… times like this i wouldn’t even really flick back and forth.. i would find one channel.. and just sit there and absorb all that is provided to me… it’s the fact that tv does not require any energy to be enjoyed… i want to goto bed right now, since i suddenly became so tired.. but i know as soon as i lay down.. i will not be able to sleep and i will become bored… well read then.. you might suggest.. but reading is way too much energy… hmm… so i don’t really think i am missing anything from not having a tv.. maybe just the exposure to the propaganda that it provides… but that’s good.. i think… even tho i will never know if there is a new type of swiffer out…

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