so.. something must be fucked with my mac.. it has crashed twice today.. and both times i was trying to write this blog entry.. the first time.. it was very well written and detailed… the second time.. i just hit the main points.. and now this time, the third time, it will be even shorter and less detailed than in the past… anyways… it was about a word that i learned today; ethos. this word is great, and how it was used was perfect!! when i heard it, it automatically raised my curiosity to why i was not aware of this term…. and i still don’t know why.. but i know that i will for sure use this term in the future, especially when i am trying to describe the distinctive spirit and culture of the geek community…

Wing Dreamer doubt it Mercury retrograde- rules electronics/communication devices,equipment, meetings/appointments/schedules, transportation, debit machines and the list goes on.. etc (believe it or not)’s not the mac…this will all pass after Dec 20th
…for example, my long awaited cd’s were to be shipped on Dec 6th..hasn’t happened..
..last night I couldn’t get on line, after 5 attempts at 1 am EDT, finally I did…..I wrote a long blog too and it vanished…
What does “ethos” mean?

2004.12.09 8:50 am

Wing Dreamer

I just remembered, I saw the word Ethos somewhere and as I look on my mouse pad there is an advertisement for Ethos spa -“Esthetics that heal our soul”. Hmmm

2004.12.09 8:56 am


n. The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement

2004.12.12 12:37 pm

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