wireless fidelity

yey wireless.. i bought a linksys wrt54g today.. and i am loving it.. it’s great to have the right tools to do stuff.. before.. our network was a total hack job.. and now it is wonderful… and secure too.. i set it up.. to use WPA Pre-Shared Key (TKIP) and I only allow specific MAC addresses to connect… i even changed the default password, which 87% of people don’t… i really don’t care about the security.. but it was so easy to implement, i thought i might as well… the hardest part of setting up this network was buying the fucken thing… the assholes at futureshop.. tried to get out of their lowest price guarantee.. but fuck it.. i am not getting into that story.. hehe.. but i did win the battle…

my phone is working now too…. kuz i can plug in my little voip box into the router!! yey.. phone and internet simultaneously!! if you are looking for a voip service.. check out and if you plan on signing up.. use my link.. since i will get some mad ongoing discounts…

anyways.. must finish laundry.. peace..

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