picture perfect

it’s amazing what an ikea lamp and a slightly over powered light bulb can do to a room… it’s so white and alive!! so today, i finally got a wiki successfully set up… not really sure why, but i have always wanted a place where i can easily toss up some content.. as well as allow others to do so too.. and i was also bored so that helped motivate me a bit… so now i am sitting here, wonder what to do next… i know i have to leave the house.. since i need to return a movie i rented the other day… and that’s a nice short walk down the hill, right by the beach… hey.. maybe i could go now.. and pick up another movie.. and watch that one tonight.. or.. i could go later…. and continue to babble here…

so it’s been over a month now in vancouver, and i am starting to feel settled.. i still need a shit load more furniture, but i am getting there. something feels right.. right now… the atmosphere in my room here is just perfect.. i am looking over at my little table, where my glass of wine resides just out of reach… it is beside my ipod, speakers, empty tea cup and a pair of tea lights… the image just looks good.. i wish i had a camera to capture it… just so i can put it in this blog and have a record of it along with this text… i also wish i had another bottle of wine, since the little amount that remains in that glass was the last bit from my only lonely bottle.

so the weekend is nearly over, and tomorrow is back to work. this is good, kuz i want to focus on work for a while. i want to get the most out of this position, and make it all that it can be. i also want to grow as an individual through this position.. by bring in my past experiences and creating many new ones… i want to challenge myself and see what i can do. now let’s just see how this week goes, since it will be very different than last week… but i have a feeling.. all will be swell.

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