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so today… was a good day… went to work for a bit, had a lunch out with all my coworkers, then some drinks with most of mycoworkers, got to know them all a little more, as well as gave them a chance to get to know me a little more… …after drinks.. me and mitch went to the VAG and saw Massive Change… it was pretty kool, just the idea of appreciating other peoples work, as well as considering their concepts and theories on how to change the world… and of course how it was all displayed so well… was kool.. i am glad i went, thanks mitch!! it’s too bad the display ends on like jan 3rd.. kuz all my visitors coming to vancouver in jan, may of enjoyed it… hehhe anyways. i am off to bed.. or least gone to watch a streaming feed of the national before my zee’s….. peace.

d00d, you went to an art gallery!

Cool… are you like cultured now? 😉

make sure u call me when you get back in ON…

2004.12.17 8:57 pm

cultured… naa.. i wouldn’t call myself cultured, but there are many aspects to me that are.

2004.12.18 12:10 pm

Twas fun. ():}

That room with all the photos made me kinda dizzy though. But the big balloons were cool.

No. More. Beer.

<3 m

2004.12.20 2:15 pm

mitch, i guess you got a thing for big balls… 😛
well maybe i do too, kuz they were pretty awesome!!


2004.12.20 2:35 pm

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