odd; i have escaped my bedroom yet to find another one. i am in my room, listening to music, eating some shortcake, and drinking some milk. this is kinda what i would do any other dayin my old room, but today, in my new room, i have fallen back to my trusted routine of self-containment. right now, i am just killing time before my flight out of here, which would be much better if the flight was right now… this overnight flight is going to suck, especially since i haven’t flown a commuter flight on a discount airline since… well never. coming to vancouver, i rode in style, with free flowing food and drinks… now i am going home, cramped in the ‘back of the bus’… ohh well.. maybe.. hopefully, it won’t be as painfully uncomfortable as i anticipate.

well, i just watched a bunch of ‘the simpsons’ and family guy.. that was a good way to kill a few hours… now.. just i just have to watch a few more shows.. then go jump on the bus and get my ass to the airport… i’ll update from there, if the wireless is actually free… (as i read somewhere…) if not.. see ya all in ontario…

well.. i am at the airport.. just paid telus 8 bucks for an hour of internet… wow… rip off!! naa.. it’s worth every penny to write this message while i am online, kuz you know.. i can’t do that with a computer without an internet connection.. anyways.. everything is closed in this damn airport.. i can’t even get a beer… well.. tim horton’s was open.. so i had a ‘double double’… it was like a weird flash back, but i guess this whole trip will be like that.. anyways.. i am going to go surf now… and get my 8 bucks worth..

peace out and merry christmas!!

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