eerie feelings mixed with a sense of comfort

sitting here in my chair, it feels like the last
two months didn’t even happen. i have the exact
same feelings inside as i once did. these feelings
are a mixture of comfort and discomfort.

there are so many things here, which i enjoy;
a real bed, a tv with satellite, and of course
this chair i am sitting on. (wow i blog about chairs a lot)
but when i think about it, i could very easily have these
things in vancouver. the only thing missing is my alarm clock.
last night i went to look over at it at least three times, and it wasn’t there. (it’s in vancouver)

so, i am going to take the next step when i get back,
and buy some stuff, attempt to fill my apartment with
‘things’ that i will become accustomed to.

it’s almost like making a commitment of some sort,
by creating a pseudo-foundation of material objects
to live upon that essentially weigh me down and secure me
to a specific time and place.

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