outfitted domicile

so last night, we furnished our apartment!! dre, got a lead on some beds, so we bought two. we then moved my futon into the living room, and morphed it into a wonderful sitting device rather than lumpy sleeping contraption. we then went to fabricland, fabricland! and got some fabric to cover the futon… next stop was value village, where we found 3 awesome chairs for $12.99 each. why stop there, the car still had enough room to see out the windows… so we went to canadian tire, and got a rug, some window plastic stuff and laundry baskets. this was perfect, we got everything.. now none of it matches, not even with the coffee table and side tables (or whatever they are called) dre bought last week. but ohh well, it’s fun being economical and creative. so it looks like we are pretty much ‘set’ now. the apartment is now more liveable.

ps. images will be coming shortly, as soon as i get a chance to intergrate iphoto, flickr, gallery, wordpress, etc. nicely all together – producing a big, happy, organized family of textual and visual narrative

Why don’t you have trackbacks! Boo urns.

Let’s go on an adventure next week. You know, one day we should challenge ourselves and try not to drink copious amounts of alcohol. I bet our livers would thank us in the end.

I miss our random-middle-of-the-day-and-lunchtime-banter. šŸ™ We should have keep having lunch together, like once a week or something. Come on, you know you waaaant to. šŸ˜‰
<3 m

2005.01.21 1:21 am

mitch.. there… trackbacks!!
and is this adventure going to involve jumping seven foot fences?

2005.01.21 8:32 pm

Yes, and in accordance to tradition, we will of course be inebriated when the jumping of these fences takes place.

geez, whoever thought climbing a tree could be that difficult. /grumble

<3 m

2005.01.22 9:39 pm

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