well i am going to attempt to do my first WP upgrade, this should be a minor upgrade, since i am only going to move from version 1.2.0 to 1.2.2… i figured this would be the best way to notice how many ‘hacks’ i have done to my WP files over the past six months (to combat spammers, etc)… this way i will be able to document them, and know what needs to be done to move to the current CVS version of 1.5… so just a heads up.. if some functionality is down, or if the looks have changed. i’ll keep you all posted… cheers.

well the move to 1.2.2 is done… i was hoping it was going to make life easier.. but it has not… xmlrpc.php is still buggy… hmm…. back to work i go… maybe it is just flickr… kuz xmlrpc.php appears to work.. but with a huge delay…. could be somekind of ‘job’ that is done once a day.. hmm…

2005.01.15 7:18 pm

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