crossed paths

The curiosity was so awesome from a pair of forces flawlessly equal in magnitude. Their actions were running in parallel; yet their origins completely unknown. With a quick glance and then a pause; their feelings became mutual and a sense of bliss filled their world.

Individual essences became shared; their behaviour so unique amongst the ambience. An inaudible conversation occurred; taking on various forms that went beyond the capability of any spoken word. Body language and dallied actions were screaming out lucid feelings, while suddenly traditional signs of commitment became the keynote of the occurrence.

Despite the observation, their demeanours remained to be increasingly engaged; while their fingers struggled to find objects to fiddle. They noticed the individual actions of each other; both taking turns participating in a implicit succession of personal disclosure.

Then in an instant, the occurrence was over and they somehow knew the event served a particular purpose. Although the conjuncture appeared to be simply coincidental, it touched them on levels beyond a simple unplanned crossing of paths.

Wing Dreamer

..that is beautiful… please write more…I could almost experience it by reading it..

2005.02.12 4:25 pm

thank you.

i am glad you can become so connected to it. a lot of effort went into its writing to perfectly describe the event and the feelings involved and it’s kool, because when i read it today… i can relive the whole experience.

2005.02.12 7:15 pm

Wing Dreamer

Today your creative piece moved me once again. Each word painted a powerful scene in the dimension of my imagination that allowed me to lose myself by experiencing your words in my own way.

2005.02.16 2:41 pm

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