a day of reflection

at last a whole saturday to myself. i haven’t had one of these since the eighteenth day of last month. it just feels relaxing and comforting to just sit on my futon, while i listen to music, drink some coffee, and occasionally watch the rain out of the corner of my eye. i was in need for a day like this and now one is here. today will be a day that will allow me to become re-centred and focused, so i can continue to build upon myself. it will be a day of refection, and a day that will let the rain take any anxieties away. new goals and a refreshing of my personal aspirations may even be discovered today, since i will not be preoccupied with a flow of others. today is about me, and whatever i end up doing will produce a positive result. cheers!


cheers, dude. 🙂

2005.01.25 1:20 pm

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