why don’t you save my 21 minutes of holding the camera up: bm

so maybe i blogged my thoughts a bit too early, i guess i figured things wouldn’t work out… but in the end they did, dre came out, and i thank him for it… i had a good time for sure, i enjoyed the bands and the ‘mini-night’ even turned out… well the show was sold out.. but there were 3 girls in line who had two tickets.. but ended up selling them to us, kuz the third girl couldn’t get in… now that’s a long story that i don’t want to get into (the whole bouncer trying to make a buck, etc.. then denying it all… i’ll get into if you guys want… comment at your will ) but all in all.. the night was good… nothing crazy or stupid or overly memorable happened, but it was good to get out and support the local indie music scene, even if pitchfork has already included black mountain’s lp into their best new music list… it was kool… i liked how they really extended out the instrumentals in their music; it was interesting to engage in a different take on how they would play their music with a live audience. also, with Daddy’s Hands, the band before them, it was kool to see how they created those abstract sounds that you hear on albums.. how they pulled their guitar strings differently or whatever… any way you look at it, it was nice to see and great to gain a better appreciation for the music performed live… seeing the real people and the real instruments in work. overall, cheers to black mountain, the girls that sold us their tickets, dre for coming out, and to me for maintaining interest despite the circumstances at hand. coming soon, pictures and movies, if they turned out. ahh fuck, the good ones didn’t save, must be the fact i bought a shitie memory card, or maybe my camera just likes to deceive me… fuck it, it sucks but i dunno how to resolve the problem.. so.. i am going to goto sleep… gnite.

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