sunday morning

ahh, sunday morning… a frame of time, with a sentiment that seems to be so consistent. regardless of what i actually do, sunday morning has a unique role in the week. today, i am simply laying in bed, half propped up, using two pillows to do so. i have my knees bent up and i am using my thighs my stomach as a base for my powerbook. it is actually quit comfortable, and since i have experienced this time and time again, i don’t think i will ever be able to go without a laptop computer. to the right of me i have some coffee, it is pretty cool right now since i have been busy surfing, and reading other people’s blogs. either way though, taking a sip here and there is quite fulfilling. as for music, i am listening to the new m83 album, through my tiny powerbook speakers, which normally sound really bad, but today they sound just right. mind you, i really do need to purchase some fairly small, high quality headphones for situations like this and for a work. my ear buds are just too crappy, to actually get lost in the music, but they are better than nothing!! this weekend all in all has been pretty relaxing, and it’s been great. last night i just observed other people trying to escape their daily lives, break loose, and have a bit of fun. normally i would of been right in there, but last night, i just listened from a distance, and it was great. i guess everyone is on a specific page in their lives, but with me, i seem to be out on my own – well sort of… i can think of two people that are in similar situations right now, but all with their unique set of challenges. so, i guess i am trying to say that i am out on my own here, and that i could team up with others who are on separate pages, but there really isn’t a point, since i have already experienced those. so it’s just me, experiencing my life as it is right now, going with the flow; however, staying on the track i have set out for myself (i just hope i won’t regret anything).

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