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so i think i have figured it out: it’s all about character development, viewer connection and profits. when you can relate to a specific group of characters, you become united with them and actualize a constant sense of curiosity. this drives you to engage directly with them as if they are actually providing you with a valuable surrogate life. the ability to get lost in the moment is sustained through the sheer entertainment it provides. it seems that you can’t wait until the next week, when you will find out what happens in the story of your alternate life that just happens to be decided without any action from you. all the events that occur are predetermined based on what is estimated to generate the most revenue. you feel cheated when you think that this may be true. you want to believe that the characters are real, and that they somehow represent you. its has to be about more than money; this is your life, your friends and your journey or maybe it’s just a television show.


I also think some people (after they have associated themselves with a character), think that perhaps the character could provide them with answers to questions they have in real life.

2005.02.06 11:18 pm

yeah… the character will always provide an answer… kuz your life will always resemble the characters life, kuz you want it to… and you want to feel that you your life is somehow connected to the character… i dunno… television shows are weird that way…

2005.02.07 12:27 am

Watch degrassi tonite @ 8:00… go to a bar, do whatever… somehow, watch canadian melodrama!

2005.02.07 10:11 am

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