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I have had furniture for nearly a month now, but i still don’t have a cozy spot to sit. I am puzzled how to create one, while still maintaining the practical use of all the furniture i have. My bed is pretty cozy but i want to sit in the living room… hmm… all very frustrating when all i want to do is sit back, reflect on my day and enjoying some fine imported wine.

Wing Dreamer

A cosy spot is like a nest…gather up things that give you a feeling of security or familiarity -a favorite pillow, a blanky throw (which is en route), in close proximity to your body. .
Getting cosy is a process of settling in, one has to be mentally comfortable first.

2005.02.04 9:09 pm

Wing Dreamer

hey that made a lot of sense, I think I’ll follow my own advice…haha

2005.02.04 9:11 pm

well.. my most cozy spot is my bed… i moved my speakers back in my room.. and i just sit in here and chill… kinda makes me think i could get a smaller appartment 😉

2005.02.04 10:01 pm

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