castle of dreams

i read an article in the georgia straight today.. about being young, hip, successful and alone in vancouver… and i think it was written about me. hey wait.. looking out the window at people is sorta like not being alone.. ok nevermind.. on the plus side, i did leave the apartment today – made it all the way over to the new starbucks at safeway and spruced up my morning with a grande americano… shortly after returning home, i thought about going outside.. this idea seemed to reoccur many times today… but go outside and do what? for a walk, play frisbee, tennis, what? so instead i chose to shelter myself by occupying my day discovering some new tunes and by drinking some water out of a refilled evian bottle… (now that’s living on the edge people… is says DO NOT REFILL right on the fucken label, rebels are kool, right?)

so now what? i sit here sharing my thoughts with the world wide web because (my blog has been waking me up in the middle of the night, and gives me these looks that scream out ‘stop neglecting me’ and…) this is now ‘documented stimuli’ which will get me off my fat ass, and goto the beach and make a sand castle – a castle where dreams become reality and refilled bottles of water turn into canned beer.

UPDATE 21:11: my first, very rushed, should not even be released, sorry for the large filesize, hack job of a pseudo-photographic essay, for this blog entry; castle of dreams. [quicktime 320×240 21.8 MB] or just check out the real photographic essay.

joey.. that is pretty neat aside from the lack of star wipes. I like the name of your street.. almost sound like my favorite vinegar… excellent.

2005.04.22 1:40 pm

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