election time excites me

yey!! the provincial election campaign starts tomorrow!! i just love them!! i enjoy; filtering through all the mistruths, fluff and ‘objective’ political coverage; choosing a position based on the proposed platforms; and, the feeling of knowing my vote will count. also, this election day, the voters of BC will get to choose if they support the recommendations of the ‘Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform’ to move to a single transferable vote (BC-STV) electoral system. this would mean in 2009 and onward, voters would rank candidates in order of preference on their ballot. STV removes the whole idea of ‘wasting your vote’ if you support a smaller political party – by making every vote count ‘more’ and thus making political representation more proportional. for more info… check out the helpful animations.


-sounds like one day u might join a political party!
-we rank our parties when we vote (in Australia)- as we discussed yesterday.

2005.04.19 10:34 pm

well i don’t know if i would like to be part of a political party. that would require having some kind of static values and beliefs and alignment with what the party thinks is important. and i am more of an ‘a la carte’ kind of person – i pick and choose only what makes sense to me. but who knows, saying that i wouldn’t be able to join a political party is kinda being closed minded too… so who knows?!?

2005.04.22 11:06 am

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