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hey it’s noon… time to get up… i just love rolling over and picking up the powerbook… i swear i am not addicted to the internet… ok maybe i am, since i have not even made/bought a coffee yet, and i know that i am addicted to coffee…. but i guess it is just so easy to be online.. to read what you want – when you want.. to just pick and choose what music you want to listen to, by a simple click and of course, the ability to publish this whilst laying down in bed. sometimes i do wonder what my life would be like if it was taking place 20 or 30 years ago, where i would be in my mid-twenties in the 80s or 70s… if we hold everything else constant, but remove the world wide web and my powerbook(s)… my life could not exist – i would have no career, no blog, no form of instant communication (email, voip), and no source of passive entertainment (tv/movies)…. etc.. and the removal of these things trickle down to every other aspect of my life… no career = no appartment/food… no blog = no personal reflection… no instant communication = no contact with the outside world.. no entertainment = no fun. however, i would still have my coffee addiction… and my great personality… so, off to starbucks i go.


Well if you where in your twenties in the 70’s or 80’s you would still have a life, just a really different one, but that doesn’t mean you would be worse off because half the toys you have didn’t exist then, so you wouldn’t even feel like you were missing anything. Besides with that winning personality you mentioned you don’t need toys cause you’re the coolest guy around! Oh ya, kiss starbucks goodbye too!

2005.04.29 5:08 am

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