edgewater casino sucks my asshole

well that was fucken retarded; a casino without a liquor licence and staff with an attitude totally unfounded for a dry establishment. this place was a complete waste of time and was not enjoyable in any way, shape, or form. right from the start it was fucked up… having to buy a twenty dollar voucher to park for free… and then… the hassle inside to cash the voucher at the blackjack table… my god?!?! what happen to giving people the illusion of getting a deal at a casino… like really… i should want to leave my money there and feel right about it… but now… i just want to light the place on fire and kill all the staff…. geeze… what a bad experience… and it’s not even because i lost my twenty dollars… (kuz i would of lost A LOT MORE if i enjoyed the place)… but rather the fact that the casino felt like a fraud.

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