materialistic copout

i need to write about something positive here, which should be damn easy since today was a really good day; my spirits were high, it felt like i could easily connect to people and the day just seemed to fly by… until i got home that is. that’s when the little things started to bother me, just mundane roommate stuff which really is insignificant, but recently it has seemed to bother me a lot (more than it should). i guess it will be good when i get my own place and i will have nothing to bitch about except my own lack of doing or not doing. any who… something positive… hmmm… work is good, it’s going to be really busy for the next while and i am looking forward this – i just love juggling a million equally important tasks all at once… it’s fun… hmm.. more positive.. hmmm… laughter, love, friendship, passion and hope are positive… hmmm.. what else?… man i need a tv, right now i should be watching tv, not writing or even thinking about this… i need to be told what soda to drink, what beer is popular, and what car i should ‘aspire‘ to drive… (jeff, no pun intended) it makes life so much more simpler when happiness is defined by having these material things or by working your ass off to get them… six months without any exposure to television and radio advertisements has actually indirectly forced me to think about what truly makes me happy… and i think i have it figured out… i just don’t know how to accomplish it quite yet… well wait maybe it’s not the lack of tv, maybe that is just a copout since it is the only thing (well excluding all of my friends, family, and car) i have removed from my old life… hmmm… either way…. i need to get a fucken television and possibly some wheels. yeah… chicks dig cars.

UPDATE 21:31: go figure, this week is tv turnoff week.. geeze…


Old life….new life….you are still a treasure to be discovered.

2005.05.04 6:48 pm

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