a less profound new beginning

well, when i came home today, there was no one here. my mom and sister left for london ontario this morning, which makes tonight is the first night in my new place all by my lonesome. the apartment feels really big with two less people living here, but i am sure i will get eventually get accustomed to it. once again, i need to find some furniture and this time, i actually want stuff i like, and that will directly reflect my personality. now, i understand it’s going to be hard to find a sarcastic sofa with a minor superiority complex within my budget; but i’ll try! anyways, i do have a good feeling about this pad of mine here, and i think it stems from the idea of it being all mine; i have total and compete control over every aspect of my home, and i find that extremely kool. also, the idea that it is located in the third most densely populated area in all of north america [wikipedia], that it’s close to absolutely everything, and that it gets me out of my old garden level suite, are all also… very kool. now that i am here, i just know, that everything that is missing in my life, will now soon be found, since i think this apartment was the last bit of asphalt i needed lay, before i could successfully open the new road i am on.


man… c’mon… hot tub first… sarcastic sofa second…

2005.07.12 9:21 pm

post some pictures of your new place. or show the view from your window.

2005.07.15 1:01 pm

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