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well some of you may notice i changed the style of this blog. it still has the boring grey look.. and seems kinda awkward but the menus on the side are now more IE friendly.. this look will probably change in the near future… but for now enjoy if you can.

UPDATE 14:43: i’ve added a bit of asynchronous javascript and xml (AJAX) to the side menus.. just click the titles to expand the content.. also.. the new look is slowing becoming refined…. let me know if ya like it.. by commenting on this post.. i am open to all suggestions.. but reserve the right to ignore them..

UPDATE 19:06: well i’ve got live search working how i want it too.. by sorting the results in reverse chronological order and fixing the error it was getting before.. search is still limited to one word, but i think that’s a good balance between the kool factor and functionality for now…

UPDATE 19:31: oops.. live search isn’t working in firefox.. and some other browsers i guess.. works in safari tho.. so everyone.. go out and buy a mac.. ok? also, i need mod the stylesheet/layout a bit more to be more friendly with smaller resolutions…

I don’t know man… your new layout buries your link the the best blog in the whole world (!

2005.07.11 5:49 pm

ryan, you are such a clear writer; i see that starting sentences with capitol letters and using apostrophes really helps!! 😛

2005.07.11 6:13 pm


I like the green apple. it goes well with the links… 😛

2005.07.15 10:05 am

the green apple makes my mouth feel sour.

2005.07.15 12:59 pm

also it may be nice to make the apple link back to the main page.

2005.07.15 1:03 pm

yeah, the apple matching the colour of the links is key.. i guess ‘key’ like a lime would work too.. *-) and about making the apple image a link.. well that’s not possible.. (even though i wish it was.. ) since that image actually resides one layer under the page’s content, so it does not receive any mouse actions from the browser. to get back to the ‘main page’, the easiest way is to click on, which is always at the very top of the navigation sidebar.

2005.07.15 8:34 pm

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