twisted – traffic collision

call me disturbed if you must, but last week i realized that i had not seen a car accident, in full blown action, in quite some time. and guess what, this morning all my dreams came true… as a fire truck with a whole bunch of active sirens and lights cautiously approached the intersection of smithe at burrard, a motorist on burrard who was apparently dumbfounded by all the flashing and loud noises, quickly slammed on her brakes and bam… she got rear ended… it was absolutely great!!! there was not quite as much action and damage as i was craving, but either way it has helped quench my thirst for accidental automobile destruction.

also on the way home i saw the aftermath of a collision on the burrard bridge, this one wasn’t as exciting since it simply extended my bus ride 20 minutes.

clarity through questioning

as my one year anniversary of being in vancouver quickly approaches, i find myself sitting here, attempting to ponder the results of this past year. i realize that i am anxious to draw out conclusions and record them on this blog as something successfully accomplished in the past; however, that is totally not possible yet.

the results of my move to vancouver cannot be fully understood until a date somewhere way in the future. yes, i know, i’ve experienced a lot of new things in the past year, that have enabled me to do as i wish, but i also know i have missed out on a lot too, so right now, all i can do is hope i made the right decisions along the way.

hold up, let me clarify here, (more…)

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