clarity through questioning

as my one year anniversary of being in vancouver quickly approaches, i find myself sitting here, attempting to ponder the results of this past year. i realize that i am anxious to draw out conclusions and record them on this blog as something successfully accomplished in the past; however, that is totally not possible yet.

the results of my move to vancouver cannot be fully understood until a date somewhere way in the future. yes, i know, i’ve experienced a lot of new things in the past year, that have enabled me to do as i wish, but i also know i have missed out on a lot too, so right now, all i can do is hope i made the right decisions along the way.

hold up, let me clarify here, i don’t want to in anyway suggest that i have any regrets about moving out west, since it has actually been one of the bravest, most changeling, and evidently, one of the most rewarding decisions i have ever made in my life. moving to vancouver has thus far resulted in me getting a good job; my own place; the means to completely pay off my student loans; the opportunity to meet a bunch of new and kool people; and of course, it has enabled me to get high speed internet; and all in a very short time. the thing is, i won’t truly be able to determine if any of this is really significant until a later date, where i can look back and say ‘wow, i did good’ or ‘wow, what a total waste of time’. the thing is you never know… everyone is different and so is every situation..

for example, i have my bestest friends in the whole wide world getting engaged and are now soon to be married… i guess they are willing to commit the remainder of their lives to each other, and must totally be confident in who they are and what they what… they must believe they are making the right decision in order to take that honourable path.. and, well, i truly admire that courage – i wish you my best jordan and dan!!

i am sure i too could have that courage, as long as i could find someone who could challenge me, make me laugh, not overly annoy me, and of course bring out the best out of me at all times. and well i guess this is where faith comes in, since i hope if i believe, it will all work out and occur flawlessly.

anyways, now that i think of it, this past year has totally flown by and when i sit here and try to imagine the setting that will occur once i return home, it all seems very familiar and comforting and well, ummm.. pretty boring… but i guess that is really no different than my daily routine here in vancity….

anyways, keep in mind we always have the power to change any aspect of our lives, so whatever we end up deciding and doing.. will simply happen… but as a result, lets all hope we end up as happy campers.


hey I didn’t know Dan and Jordan are gay….hahaha kidding guys. Many congrats to the both of you. Hey Joey, no worries about all your friends around you getting married. I have totally been through that too. It does get easier cause by the time you are 32 all your friends have been married for years and its all old news so you start to forget that feeling, well that is, until their 8 year old kid calls you up asking why you don’t have any kids that they can play with. Just think of it this way…good things come to those who wait and wait and wait…you will have the best patience ever!!! hahaha

2005.09.12 10:13 am

yeah.. that did sound very gay joe.. wtf

2005.09.16 9:44 am

yeah.. take that suckers.. being patient is kool, so i’m kool.. so there.. and about the whole gay marriage thing.. it sounded ok at the time.. 😛

2005.09.16 12:40 pm

Wing Dreamer

Growing pains hurt. But without hurt you don’t know you have grown.

2005.09.29 7:21 pm

Lover of lIfe

Two souls in search of the same path. Our souls may cross paths through questions. Reflections are our greatest tool. I seek truth, beliefs, and answers on life and love. You seem to have unique perspective, something I always seek to gain. I have been led to you through someone who knows our individual paths and has thought that for some higher purpose our paths should cross. And so as I read your writings, I like your questions, your answers, your direction, and if it suits you I would love to chat with you about anything or everything.


2005.10.22 1:55 pm

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