bright eyes

without much hesitation (damn you ticketmaster), last night i kicked off this year’s outdoor concert season with a short and sweet bright eyes show… the concert was at the malkin bowl in stanley park, which is a nice and cozy outdoor venue, well at least when compared to the old molson park in barrie ontario… anyways, i enjoyed the show… and just wanted to share… now only if i could remember that one line, in that one song, that made me think to myself “damn that’s a good line”… efff, i knew i should have voice memo’d it…

“I’d rather be working for a paycheck, then waiting to win the lottery”?

2006.06.05 9:34 pm

hey thats where the raconteurs are playing… the day im planning to arrive in vancouver… wanna go???

2006.06.06 8:48 am

wait, dammit, its july 26, not august 26. haha… fuck.

2006.06.06 8:49 am


I liked good ol Molson Park… Radiohead was particularly memorable šŸ™‚

2006.06.08 5:35 pm


radiohead at molson park was awesome! i love molson park concerts…not so much because of the venue itself, im just a big fan of outdoor concerts and festivals. now they stick all the festivals at the amphitheatre…booooooo! seats and festivals should not go together, it just defeats the purpose! anyways, im done my rant!

2006.06.08 6:07 pm

just saw bright eyes in london… great show… coulda been longer… damn talented…

it’s also nice to go to a venue that doesn’t over-charge for drinks…

2006.06.15 8:06 am

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