exodus 8:2

a brief hiatus from documenting and publicizing personal reflection especially after subjectively earning the stature of a trusted and reliable source of persistent and intimate analysis may wrongly suggest a crude disregard for it’s extrinsic value and may undeniably require a re-embarkment initiated with, no other than, an exceedingly long and possibly incomprehensible introductory sentence to validate and then discharge it. — damn!! it looks gorgeous outside today and I can’t wait until I finish this post, and get out there.

today, my vehicle of choice is a 2005 silver toyota prius, which I am quite excited to drive, since this will be my first hybrid experience and ever since I joined vancouver’s co-operative auto network the curiosity of how this thing operates and performs has been perpetually on my mind. also, and arguably more importantly, booking the car for just a few hours, gives me just enough of a kick in the ass, to get dressed, and leave the apartment before i end up watching magnolia again, or worse (given the nice weather out there)… continue to give into the unyielding allure of the world wide web and a maladjusted desire to sing aimee mann songs/covers (particularly one, wise up and save me) while surfing it.

anyways, that’s all for now, but i’ll leave you with the tagline from magnolia, since that somehow unintentionally became the dominant theme of this entry… here’s the instructions… read it once.. pause… and then read it again… but the second time, read it slowly and act it out… and ‘everything’ should become clear.

things fall down. people look up. and when it rains, it pours.

ps. maybe i’m just a freak, but it gives me goosebumps every time. hahaha…. cheers!

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