technology and guise of security

ohhh… i love the joys and the hassles of having a crappy voip provider… mind you i can finally get my voicemail sent to my email, which is nice… however, it doesn’t seem to be quite that reliable… kuz today once i returned from a short afternoon trip to the usa… [which we just happened to get searched and detained by the ohh so ‘friendly’ (and confused) US border patrol… what? people don’t goto the usa just for krispy kream donuts? hahah, suckers] i had at least 6 emails with attempts at leaving an intentional and entire voicemail… however, all were cut short except this one that actually worked – it made me laugh quite a few times… and thought i’d share… hahah… thanks dan!


lmao…. that was one good voice mail! LOL!

it turned out that my voip phone is malfunctioning too: hmmm, i dun get any voip signal at all :S that’s probabaly a problem with immature technology and unreliable provider (or the ones without a good 24/7 support line)

anywayz, happy canada day! and spare me a donut!

2006.07.01 2:02 am



2006.07.02 11:45 pm


Happy Canada Day to u (the news briefly mentioned it here- which was surprising, as they dont usually) …. i thought the massage was kinda cute!

2006.07.03 1:38 am

Dan leaves good voicemails.

2006.07.03 5:45 pm

so true.. dan is my number one voicemail person of all time.. in the past, i have especially enjoyed the ones that maxed out the alloted message time!

2006.07.03 6:20 pm

damn, that dan is a funny dude.

you told the border people that you went for krispy kream? Did you keep the receipt at least? thats undeniable proof.

2006.07.04 1:03 pm

yup.. but the problem was getting into the usa… apparently, they just couldn’t understand why 2 white dudes with no record would want to goto the usa for donuts!! coming home was no problem… we just said “yeah, we were over for a few hours and grabbed some krispy kream” and they said “ohh, ok… have a good night!”

so, all i can say is… the canadian customs guards are way better trained, more effective and efficient.. since they were able to quickly determine that buying donuts is no threat to national security. even if krispy kream donuts are da bomb!

2006.07.04 4:29 pm


Are those the same krispy kream donuts they sell at Walmart?

2006.07.05 1:04 pm


should be “krispy kreme”

2006.07.07 1:54 am

Was it a strip search LOLOL

2006.07.07 6:00 pm

reminds me of the day You Ryan and myself got stopped in the ‘Purple People Eater’

2006.07.09 8:09 am

dan is the fucken voicemail king!

2006.07.10 11:55 am


you have gone a WHOLE MONTH without writing anything on here…how can you show your blog and all your loyal readers such neglect! 😛

2006.08.03 10:38 pm

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