well… my mom left the city earlier this week and i have just finally regained my freedom over my surroundings… it’s not that she was really in my way.. but it just didn’t feel right with me living my life, with her ‘living in my life behind the scenes’…

anyways, things seem to be going well… work is busy… and only a little frustrating at times… but alison has been really cool.. so that helps… also, i’ve been hanging out with steph a bunch… which is interesting in all those fun ways that only occur when first getting to know someone new… ohh and flickr, i’ve been hooked ever since i broke-down and went pro… so be sure to check out my life… photographed sometime…

and for you central-canada based readers/vancouver apartment burglars… i’ll be back in ontario in a few weeks for jordan’s wedding… so hope to see/accommodate you then… (or maybe in october… which will be a longer, thanksgiving/dan’s wedding trip home)…

happy summer all!

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