thank you.

so today i received a little thank you postcard from starbucks.. and i am a little torn on how to feel about it…

And, here’s what the postcard said:

Because you’re a loyal auto-reload customer, we’re giving you a little gift: $15 loaded onto your Starbucks Card by August 23, 2006.

Use the $15 to treat yourself to that indulgent beverage you’ve always wanted to try, our latest musical offering or anything else you enjoy at Startbucks.

The choice is yours. Thank you and enjoy.

Your friends at Starbucks.

P.S. This amount will be loaded onto your Starbucks Card ending in 8529.

ok.. so on the surface, this is great… i open my mail box… and get told that i got $15 for free just for using a service that is absolutely the easiest, fastest and most convenient payment method around… also, just being acknowledged (albeit computer-generated) as a customer and rewarded for it… it’s this kind of stuff i am a sucker for (seriously, when was the last time ANY company gave you $15?)… which leads into why i am torn… since i know so many reasons why i should not—- naaa… no need to balance my argument… let’s leave this one open for debate… why should i feel fooled / hate starbucks?


It’s because of the use of the singular: “$15 to treat yourself to that indulgent beverage you’ve always wanted to try.” I’d feel cheated too; a $15 beverage that isn’t a pitcher of beer?! That’s just criminal.

2006.08.31 9:29 pm


u know, i’ve been thinking about setting mine up, but i dun see any value in doing it cos’ i could always add value to my card when i m at the store, or i could simply use my credit card to pay for my coffee.. i mean, even when i use my safeway card at the starbucks in safeways, they give me one free coffee after my 10th..

but now, i might actually set it up… hmm…

2006.08.31 9:40 pm

i think its great when places reward you for being a customer! Telus gave me a $25 Gift Card for last Christmas and i thought that was awesome. Free stuff rulez!

2006.09.02 11:08 am


why should i feel fooled / hate starbucks? because they overcharge consumers in the first place, this is just a way for them to continue overcharging you. But, since we have no other real choice (if we want a fast & nice) coffee then it is nice of them to give the $15.

2006.09.04 2:22 am

because they are pseudo-hippies..

“Fair Trade coffee represents only a very small percentage of [Starbucks’] total coffee (about 3.7%).”


“Starbucks continues to serve milk from cows that are injected with genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone, also known as rBGH or rBST.” yummy yummy.


2006.09.04 1:46 pm

becasue they get 15 dollers of worth of word of mouth advretising. Just think about how many people you told about the 15 dollers that you got. It is just the right amount that people still care when they recive it. if it was 5 it would make the look cheap. ten is nice. but 15 really makes them stand out. But then maybe thats just my opinion.

2006.09.05 3:21 pm


Hey, I was anonymous ….how did that happen?

2006.09.12 10:35 pm

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