opportunity cost

i guess we all know that a continual ascension must lead to a point where it can no longer be sustained… however, it’s this level that we all strive to reach.. it’s this point that makes it all worth while and causes us do anything to protect it… but reaching this high spot usually just results in the start of a new low… a low that seems so low compared to the pinnacle you were just on…

to prevent this, i have always thought it was better to end something before it climaxed… intentional and definitive action can ensure nearly complete control over an outcome… unfortunately, this logical approach does not allow you to ever hit the absolute highest point… all it does, is protect you from hitting the lowest… in other words, it simply makes a great survival and proactive defense mechanism… however… can produce undesirable results during the best of times… during the discovery of great uncharted territories… in the places and situations that seem surreal and tend to excite… and it’s all these important experiences that suffer from this knee-jerk defensive reaction which can cause a premature retreat from your voyage…

i guess it’s still important not to jump off the edge… especially when there is still so much of the mountain to explore… but then again.. how else can i expect to use these wings i’ve grown and soar above the clouds…


Your defence mechanism will only hurt you in the long run; it will only protect you temporarily. Whats the point in having wings if you don’t practice use them?

2006.10.01 6:08 am


Once you practice using your wings, they will take you to the high places.

2006.10.01 6:10 am

If you clip your own wings you will prevent yourself from soaring above the clouds and always remain slightly above the lowest point.

2006.10.01 12:54 pm


The beauty about having wings is that you can fly where you like and when, however fast or slow…high or low and you can return to different points and places. (Hey it’s time to fly south for the winter anyways…hehehe)

2006.10.01 4:58 pm

some might call that masochistic… finding pleasure in the denial of reaching a climax 🙂

2006.10.01 5:14 pm


as long as you know where you are heading, and what your limits are… there’s nothing wrong with protecting yourself

2006.10.02 1:39 pm


I don’t even think it prevents you from hitting the lowest point. You might just find yourself ‘plodding along’ – but sometimes thats okay.
Didnt some wiseman once say its about the journey not the destination.

2006.10.03 12:57 am

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