brief tv thoughts

i don’t know if i am becoming smarter or dumber without a television. at times like right now.. i just want to lay down and watch tv… just lay there and take what is given to me… times like this i wouldn’t even really flick back and forth.. i would find one channel.. and just sit there and absorb all that is provided to me… it’s the fact that tv does not require any energy to be enjoyed… i want to goto bed right now, since i suddenly became so tired.. but i know as soon as i lay down.. i will not be able to sleep and i will become bored… well read then.. you might suggest.. but reading is way too much energy… hmm… so i don’t really think i am missing anything from not having a tv.. maybe just the exposure to the propaganda that it provides… but that’s good.. i think… even tho i will never know if there is a new type of swiffer out…

sunday: i before e except in weird.

so today, i enjoyed the whole day walking around… first i walked from one side of kits beach (right by the pool) all around to the other side… it was kool… being on the beach… people playing with their dogs… while watching people sail, kayak, and then looking up and seeing snow on the mountains… i eventually made it all-around to granville island.. and then up to chapters on broadway… then back down.. and home… i walked from about 2 to 6… so a good four hours… i am glad i got out today.. since it was a beautiful day… not one second of rain!! now i am home… got me a bottle of wine, and a space heater… so i am set to watch a movie or doing some reading on the net… i wasn’t able to find a book at chapters that jumped out at me… i need to find some good reading material.. to read on the bus.. and in my down time… not too political and deep but kinda medium-weight non-fiction… maybe even fiction would be good… but i’d rather read something.. that i can apply to something in my life.. either my career or my ability to have deep conversations at a local coffee shop… or just something that interests me… i need to grab a library card this week… ahh the perks of working on campus… since i don’t really believe in buying books… i don’t need to own the actual paper… i am just fine with the content.. this must be tied to my connection with the www and the fact that information wants to be free!!

fogged-over windows

we all sit there, in a silent state, reflecting on the events of our day, we may even be thinking of future plans.. or we may even be sleeping… our heads are bopping up and down and back and forth.. people are watching us… well i am watching you… i am amazed at how you can rest so easily during this time of transit… how the abrupt stops and the countless strangers around you don’t bother you… the bus provides provides you with a safety net of some sort… it feels like you are in a bubble.. a protective shield that is your daily routine… your headphones are on.. and your discman in hand… you are so cute and remind me of something i once had… eyecontact is not even made… a total state of uncertanity is us… a mystery… and then wait.. it’s my stop.. kool.. this bus is quick…

creative writting with a side of friends

well.. i am in bc.. and since i have been here i have not done any creative writing.. my blog has consisted nothing more than my daily activities and a synopsis of my progress… but now that i have a place, a fixed address, a stable job, a bus pass and a starbucks card.. i am ready to write again…. all i need is furniture and a bit more heat in this motherfucker and i will be set.. ohh yeah.. i also need some friends.. it would be kool to know and hang with some kool people…

update: update from hell

update: so george came by right away this morning.. and fixed the bathtub problem.. he also turned the heat on.. so lets hope tonight is a little smoother.. since i do have to work in the AM… i have also met one of my neighbours.. mainly.. kuz i guess her heat was off last nite too.. but yeah… laundry is done.. i got sheets, towels, and yeah.. ready for work tomorrow.. i’ll keep ya all posted.. peace out for now…

update from hell

so last night was like hell… well sorta the opposite, it was fucken cold as hell… heat is suppose to be included in the fucker but its old skool hot water heat.. and its on very low.. way to cold for me.. so i guess.. i am going to buy a little electrical heater thing, and pay for it when i get the electricity bill… also about 6:30 am.. the dude upstairs took a shower.. and his water remains decided to bubble up from the drain in my bath tub.. this sucked ass… first night and all these problems.. now i have george here.. fixing the drain… and i mean fixing.. or else he is not getting decembers rent.. which is now two days late :)… the drain.. must be fixed.. that is unacceptable… the heat.. on the other hand… as long as it is 70 or 72 or what ever the minimum is set by law.. then i am shit outta luck.. its my fault… for deciding to take a place with heat i can’t control.. allison did warn me about this… but i guess i don’t listen.. especially when i am with dre and he seems to not have an attention for detail at first sight… well.. at least i have internet now.. and a powerbook that heats up.. so that will keep me warm… ohh yeah.. and if i get some thick curtains.. to cover up these blinds.. and the paper thin windows.. then that should block some of the cold too.. peace out for now… must go get some coffee… i’d make some.. but i don’t have any mugs/cups.. heheh l8r

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