close the sale

I could have talked to her for hours. She was the girl that could listen yet still be oddly attracted to me. I was oddly attracted to her. She was a tall, blonde, with a great personality. She was happy to be talking to me, so she brushed off the other d00ds that were trying to pick her up. She wanted to be with me. She picked me, but only because I choose her. I ignored the rain and talked to her. I talked to her friends; as they brushed me off… I persisted with her and she respected that, she wanted the attention, she wanted me to want her, and she knew that she would be happy with me. But then the ride came… and this world is efft, so yeah.. it fucks me over everytime…. But yeah, I could have talked, played, enjoyed, that girl for hours only if i chose to, only if i risked my ride to home (somewhere warm)…. fuck the logic… and the reason… i should of played the odds…. i should be happy right now…. i should be with a friend, a someone….. not the fucken computer……. fuck this….. fuck you blog readers.. (i don’t mean that…… i love you guys.. i need you guys….. i respect your opinion…. ) fuck fuck fuck… it’s so easy to entertain… it’s so easy to do what so many people have problems with…… but with me… no worries….. i can do it all.. but close the sale.

something worthless, deceptive, or insincere.

Well, I decided it was time to engage in some sort of American political discourse tonight, mind you in was through, my friend and yours, the television. But give me a break… that is what the debate is all about… reaching out to the masses via the American broadcast networks. So I simply laid there and passively watched two grown men bicker about bullshit. It is all bullshit! Even the ‘expert’ analysis of the debate is bullshit. All a televised debate does is give the American people the ability to come to an informed decision based on the looks, memory, body language, and speaking ability of a person. Sure many would argue this makes a good leader, but isn’t the debate about the platforms and policies that are going to be extended/implemented to benefit the American people? Shouldn’t the public make a choice based on what affects them individually as well as society as a whole? There is more to an election than a leader!! Fuck it!!! It’s all bullshit!!!

The only time when my passivity was broken was at the mention of Canada. I heard it twice… First… about the flu shot… Bush said Canada was to the rescue and will share some flu shots. Bush was urging American’s not to get the shot if they are young and healthy, in other words all American’s do not have the choice to be protected. Second, was when Kerry said he would allow American’s to purchase inexpensive drugs from Canada – like this is some magic cure. It’s all bullshit!! Especially when you hear Bush say that federally funded health care results in poor health care… then why the fuck are they calling Canada to the rescue?? I can’t say much on the health care topic… mainly because I don’t want to write an essay (which would be required to get all the facts straight), and we in Canada are not immune to problems, but either way televised debates are bullshit!

hopped up on the sugar

i dunno what i was thinking this morning, but instead of my usual black coffee… i loaded it with sugar… sugar is a magical morning substance when combined with caffeine… but i have all this energy and i have nothing to do… wait.. i think i just crashed…. nap time.


Idle and relaxed, with not a worry in the world.
A weekend filled with friends and family, good times were unfurled.
With laughter and pleasure, rum, tequila and beer.
The weekend filled with thanks, a feeling so sincere.

a friendship

A matter of acceptance, understanding and respect.
A pact where two people act freely and enjoy each other.
A bond that is nurtured and cannot be easily ignored.
A link to an essential human role.

generic reply

You see, i am kind of like an old man in a way. Mainly because I like to write emails to companies and bitch about things that I don’t like. Usually they are suggestions to make their service or product better, and they should actually appreciate to hear(read) my thoughts. I think the problem lies in the fact that many email CSRs are used to taking dumb, newbie style questions, so when they read mine, they dismiss it as such. However, when they reply with the generic, drag ‘n drop reply that sets me off. I like sincere answers to my questions and I would like my suggestions to be considered. I could provide some examples of some emails that I send, but write so many, I wouldn’t which ones to share (but here is a good example of how a company should reply to one of my emails: RSS and the CBC).

So basically, I am saying that I hate the generic reply email and I strongly feel that if a company is going to offer email support, they better answer the questions asked and do it in a timely manner.

black rod

Flag and the Governor GeneralWell, I just finished watching the ‘Speech from the Throne’, and the content of the speech was alight. It seemed to be pretty much aligned up with Canadian values, etc… However, I found the ‘tradition’ of the speech the most rewarding part of the experience. How the Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, is welcomed and how she walks into the Senate and how the ‘Usher with the Black Rod’ is sent from her to goto the House of Commons to get the MPs and bring them to the Senate. It all seemed pretty kool, however, many of the MPs seemed quite ‘amused’ with the whole process. This bothered me for some reason, not really sure why, but it felt like they didn’t have to show respect towards our Canadian tradition… like they were above it or like they were too kool to just stand and be quiet. If the Canadian Armed Forces can stand up straight, and display a sense of pride, our elected officials can to. Fuck even Paul Martin was slouched his is chair, and it was his party’s speech Adrienne was reading!! Ohh well, we’ll see what happens with this minority government… it should be interesting. btw kudos to Jack Layton, the only MP I saw taking notes!!

falling water

Well I was going through my files on my PowerBook and found a few writings from my pre-blog days. The following was written on March 26, 2004, a rainy day, and the day that, I believe, started the inspiration to write these short anecdotes.

One morning he didn’t even open his eyes. He had heard the rain and decided that there was no need open his eyes. The rain could be heard, smelt and felt in his joints. He knew that today was going to be a different day. A day where he could simply float around and fall in to his silent routine. The routine is always the same when it rains. And he feels that everyone around him has a similar routine. No one talks, no one acknowledges anyone, no one even sees any one. In public settings, he feels a sense of confusion when approaching another individual. He doesn’t know what to expect – if he should fear this person, or if this person fears him. He tries to evade this confusion by avoiding any type of contact with unknown individuals. He thinks to himself, wondering if all this weird behaviour is a result of the falling water from the sky or if it is raining since everyone feels like this.

unkinetic actions

You look over at it. It feels so good, so surreal. It’s like you can imagine the reality, through the confidence that is captured in the moment. You then storm your brain for ideas, for something clever, something original, something uniquely yours; and come up with nothing…


Well that was fun… it was exactly how I imagined. My score.. is probably just below the practice scores but who cares. This small goal is over. Now that direction of my life is out of my control. I am just glad this test is over, when I left the exam, it was like, ‘leaving Western for good’ It was like the book has now officially been closed. This is GOOD, now onward!! So, I am going to have some beers, clean this fucken mess up, get ready for my last day of work tomorrow, and start getting excited about the next step.

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